Saddle up

So Rosa was in her stall most of the day because the horses were locked in the barnyard because we got a lot of rain and I didn’t want them to tear up the pasture. I got Rose out of her stall, put her in the cross ties and groomed her. She was good in the cross ties, but a little goofy about her hind feet, which will come along. I put a saddle on her on a lark and she was completely unimpressed. I lunged her with the saddle and she was quite fine with it. Her canter is better than it was the first time, her trot is very short up front.

Then, since we had the truck and trailer hitched up anyway, I decided it was trailer loading practice day. She followed me right on the trailer the first time and turned around and walked off when asked. Yay! I praised her and asked her to do it again. This time she jumped into the trailer, knocking me a bit and getting some feedback about that. (Not much, just a “hey, don’t run me over”) Then we settled, and turned around and I walked off. Alone. And it started to rain. And she couldn’t figure out how to drop down off the step up trailer. Eddie, who had been loaded in the front slot of the trailer, was now getting antsy and quite ill behaved. So Jay led him off through the escape door. Somehow Eddie, in the process, scraped up the backs of his hind legs, on the tendons. Not seriously, but enough. Still the mare is standing on the trailer, but when she sees Eddie and Jay walking back to the barn she thinks that getting off now is a good idea. The rain and her poop has made the matts slick. She tries to bound off the trailer and slips and sort of blobs out of the trailer, landing on her feet, but oddly so. She is fine and with the rain still falling, we will return to that process another day. The problem is the step up, not the trailer itself. Must have always had a ramp.

Then I led her back through the roll up doors to the indoor. They are scary doors, so I spend 20 minutes opening and closing them to show her that it is just a noise, not meant for her. She figures that out and done for the day.