I did a little research and found out she never raced. Maybe she was in race training through. I FB friended her breeder, so maybe I can get information that way. At any rate, we aren’t guaranteed that she has been backed. So, we started at the bottom with in hand work. She is a little clunky to handle, just clueless, but not malevolent. But she has to learn to be polite and light in the hand for in hand work first. We did some of that and then went on to lunging, which obviously she has done before. Her circles aren’t round, but she understands the basic concept and is indeed sound (thank you God!) and has two leads (bonus). The right is better than the left, but the left isn’t bad.

After our session, I turned her out with Luke in the paddock. She slipped and fell in the mud, in slo-mo. Then she stayed on the ground and I believe she was slightly bemused, and a little glaring at me. We might have a princess on our hands. She got up, completely unscathed, and walked off.

The flies were horrendous, due to coming storms, and when I went to check her half an hour later she was in the run in, stamping her feet wildly, wide-eyed and hyperventilating. These redheads do have more sensitive skin and the flies tend to love them. I brought her in, put a flysheet and flywraps on her and sprayed her with fly spray and put her in a stall. She calmed down very quickly, except when I asked her to move with the fly wraps on, which caused a stamping fit, especially in back. I let her work it out, and she did. Charming little mare.