Rosa comes to Field Day

I drove to OMA to meet with Deb Robinson to pick up Rosa. Deb was in fine spirits and managed a good temper even when it took us 1.5 hours to load Rosa into the trailer, with the help of Deb’s horse Pete, who feasted on delicious hay in the trailer while he provided his calming influence about being on a trailer to Rosa.

She trailered home beautifully, and was a bit hesitant to offload when we got home. Made me giggle a little, because after 6 hours round trip of driving and an hour and half loading, I would have laughed out loud if I ended up leaving her in the trailer overnight, with a bucket of water and some hay, which for a micro-second, I considered. But, after just a brief hesitation, she jumped off and went in a stall and hung out, cool as a cucumber.