Jump from a canter

They stayed in last night due to the snowfall, so after their breakfast and cleaning stalls, she was a fidgety cricket in the cross ties, even managing to poop in my plastic barn chair. I suppose that is why I have a plastic chair.

When I got on her, she was all back-up and goofy, so we walked a fe minutes to get her to settle. When we started trot, there was a lot of tail swishing. This happens with her sometimes if the girth is a little loose. Since she hasn’t sprung much of a wither (yet, I hope), the saddle tends to slide forward, sit on her shoulders and make her uncomfortable. So I got off, readjusted the saddle, snugged it up and carried on and she was much better.

We did a fair amount of trot work including cavaletti work, which she is doing well at. Then we did the cavaletti followed by a turn to the to cross rail in trot. She was straight and in rhythm to it every time, and when she started landing in canter from the cross rail, then it was time to approach it in a balanced canter.

We spent a little time balancing up the canter, especially in 20 circles and then presented to the jump. By the grace of the Universe, the distance worked perfectly and she jumped it happily, in unchanging temp and straight. And we quit for the day.

Supposed to be very cold (below zero) tonight and (high in single digits) tomorrow. She has a blanket on and will be in the barn tonight, but probably out tomorrow as it is supposed to be sunny, and on the south side of the barn it is usually very pleasant, even when very cold.