First cross rail

We warmed up with some walk work, asking her to come from behind and to yield in her poll, both of which were on track relatively quickly. Then, in trot, I introduced the idea of half halt, and she is picking up on that very well, even maintaining tempo independently at times. I think she could turn out to be a nice light horse in the hand because she really has pretty good natural balance, is attentive and wants to please.

Then we trotted from the cavaletti to the cross rail and she trotted right over it as if it was a cavaletto. It was pretty hilarious actually, and she rec’d much praise for the effort. She was pretty proud of herself. The second time she actually jumped it, the third and fourth she ran out left (completely unsurprising. There seems to be a stage early in the game where they think, “You know, you could just go around. Let me show you.”). But the fifth and sixth attempts she did excellently. Four times over was enough cross rail jumping for the day. Very good girl.