Raised Cavaletti

I’m glad I didn’t look at the thermometer before I went out to ride today because when I came in the house and looked, it was 16 degrees, and I might have been moved to ride the couch this Sunday afternoon rather than the horses. But all in all, it wasn’t too bad out so off to the barn I went.

Jay was out puttering around and came into the arena, and after Abby and I had a warm up, he helped me with cavaletti. I started out with the exercise we finished with yesterday, the two cavaletti on the ground and one raised cavaletti. She did well with that, so after a few trips through, Jay raised the middle one. She coped well with that, and so after a few successes, we added the third raised cavaletti. She is learning balance and strength, so she isn’t stellar through them yet, but it was good enough that we thought you’d like to see it, so he shot two videos with his phone: