I tacked up and had a long walk warm up to help with relaxing in her poll and being more consistent in the connection. Then on to trot where the work carried over nicely. Then some canter work where we had a bit of difficulty with leads, but worked it out.

Then we introduced cavaletti work into the mix. We started with 3 rails on the ground and when she mastered that, raised the last rail onto a jump block lying flat on the ground. She did quite well with it and I congratulated her and let it be for the day.

Then Magee and I rode Abby and Eddie, who she had been riding in the arena, out for a walk in the pasture to cool out. That went well, and when we got back to the pasture gate, Jay had let loose the puppies, so we took them on a walk around the pasture again, with us still on the horses. The ran around like crazy, chasing each other and Abby was fine with it.