Walking with the dogs

We rode in the indoor and had some nice work in walk and canter. The trot work is coming along, but it is probably the least developed gait at this time. After our session in the indoor which had included enough canter work that she was pretty warm. It was a nice evening, so I took her out for a cooling walk in the pasture. Jay saw us heading out and decided to come along with the dogs. The puppies were running around like the possessed, to the point where when they galloped by they sounded like the finish line at Prairie Meadows. Abby was wary of them, but I think was more concerned about them running into her legs than anything. That was a legitimate concern. We worry about the same thing! But she managed it well and dealt with all the dog antics and the newfoundland bear stalking behind her, which really unnerves some horses.

Pretty fun day.