Christmas lights

So I tacked up in the balmy 18 degree weather, which seriously felt that way after the last few days. We had a long walk warm up in the arena, while, since it was dusk, I wondered if the timer on the Christmas lights Jay strung up might click on while we were riding by, and just exactly what Herself might think of that. She’s a pretty good sort, so I thought she would deal, but it was interesting to think about.

On to trot work, which was a bit exuberant at first, but came around nicely. She had a lot of energy today and it really helped with her coming over her topline and down to the bit. (Just another reminder from the Universe that the neck and head are simply decorative expressions of what is happening behind the saddle.)

The Christmas miracle of the canter continued today. She did manage to buck twice, but they seem to be just youthful exuberance, and they pass after one. She is staying between the rein and leg aids much better these days, which makes canter work much more organized.

Disappointingly, the Christmas lights came on after we were done. Maybe I’ll ride slightly later in the day tomorrow. 😉