Ten degrees and counting

Temperatures started out in the morning around 1 degree. There wasn’t much wind, so I turned them out with a bunch of hay. In the afternoon I went out to the barn, not necessarily to ride because it had warmed up to only 10. However it didn’t feel that terribly cold and Magee was there and was game to ride, so she rode Sammy and I rode Abbey in the indoor.

We had a long walk warmup where I worked on Abbey coming over her back and relaxing her poll, which she is starting to achieve more consistently. Trot work is improving, but she loses her balance slightly, quite often, as a green horse will do. However, she clearly gets the idea and tries, and earns much praise for it.

We practiced sidepassing with some quite acceptable work. More praise.

We initially had a few wrong leads, but after that, canter was a Christmas miracle today. She was able to maintain an even tempo and had some moments of stretching over her topline. All in all it just felt a lot more organized. We didn’t work long in canter because I didn’t want her to work up a sweat in the cold.

Magee had been warming up Sammy while Abbey and I were working. Abbey had a walk cool down while Magee jumped a few jumps with Sammy. Great fun for all.

All horses are in the barn tonight. I know they can withstand the cold, especially on a nearly windless night like tonight, but the barn is nicely snug with the 5 horses in it, everybody gets to eat their own hay without negotiations, and they can lie down in soft bedding. So I kept them in, pretty much because I can. 🙂