Bridle and bit


Nathe loose ring snaffle. The most expensive piece of flexible plastic I have ever bought, and one of my best investments.

Now that we have forward fully installed, it was time to transfer him over to a bridle. My experience has been that less is more, so I like to use a nathe bit, which is entirely bendable soft rubber, tapered for the horse’s mouth.

A lot of horses like this bit, which makes sense because it is about as mild as you can get. A few horses object to the tongue pressure, which I respect. In that case I switch.


George was in the “like” category with the nathe. I did some in-hand work on sidepassing before I got on and we had a discussion about how to stand politely for mounting, which is coming along. He did very well in all gaits. Very nice first day in the bit and bridle.