I brought her in and groomed her. I took the liberty of clipping a short bridle path. I don’t know if you are trying to grow it out, so I did not trim the entire length of the former bridle path, which resulted in this mohawk look, which only Lexie could carry off so well.

More work with in the pelham, including stretching and transitions.  Very good!

Lexie and the rubber pelham

Well, I’ve been having a lot of success with Bravado on the rubber pelham and I was wondering if Lexie might like it too.  We started off with walk/halt transitions and at first she thought the best thing to do was push against it.  That reached a point of diminishing returns after a few tries and she figured out that actually thinking about stopping rather than pushing might be a better option.

Then on to  trot/walk which went well and all the other transitions all the way up to canter halt.  Very good!

Canter work

I brought her in, let her bounce about in the indoor for a few minutes where she had a grand time, groomed, and tacked up.  Her hooves look great.

I started to go out to the prairie for a hack, but there was occasionally ice and where it wasn’t icy, it was pool-table hard.  We went about 50 yards and threw in the towel.

We worked in the indoor with a longish walk warmup and then a lot of work on half halt in trot.  She did well with that, and once we got the trot softer in her topline, I was rewarded with some very nice canter work.  We even got to work on trot-canter-trot transitions, one of my favorite exercise for topline suppling.

We had a nice walk warm down and then I let her loose to roll in the arena.  I put her blanket on because it is damp, so feels chilly!

Riding out – not

I brought her in and tacked her up, feeding her several peppermints from Archie’s stash.  She was in quite the playful mood.  The temperature was right at 32 degrees, but I went out to hack in the prairie any way.  I went about 20 feet and turned around as there was unpredictable ice where melting snow had produced puddles.  So this is about all we saw of the prairie:

But luckily, we have an indoor at HG.  We had a nice long walk hack warmup and then some work in trot and some very good work in canter.  We had a long warm down and I let her roll in the arena after the workout.


I brought him in and gave him some liberty time, some of which can be seen above. Also the stop and dramatic pose:

Then I tacked him up and rode him and he did quite well, especially in his canter work.  He started  out suggesting he might buck, but he was just a little rounder than usual and then got over it.  I think he had fun!

After the ride, I let him roll in the arena:

Back to work

We’ve had a lot of time off due to the cold and today things were finally conducive to riding.  I tied her to the wash rack tie because Jay was hammering away on some improvements in the barn.  She decided she was going to sit back and pull like a donkey.  i think she was kind of surprised that the post held and then that I just walked away from her after she did it.  She didn’t get much reaction.  Ha!

Then I tacked her up and rode in the Schleese saddle.  It had about 5 fingers’ clearance over her withers, and it really should have three.  This indicates that the saddle is too narrow for her.  When I looked at the points, they were not parallel to her shape either.  It wasn’t egregious, so i rode her in it to see how she would go.  She went ok – hard to tell if it was the time off or the saddle.

She was a little tight to begin with, but came around nicely.


October 12-13, 2018 Eventing Clinic with Camie Stockhausen at Catalpa Corner, Iowa City

315309_2334932819946_1448589939_2643365_28333312_n_2What: One- or Two-Day Eventing Clinic with Camie Stockhausen

Where: Catalpa Corner Horse Park, Iowa City

When: Friday October 12 and/or Saturday October 13, 2018

Why: To expand your riding and jumping skills with a USEA ICP-certified riding instructor and have fun with your horse and like-minded people. Maybe to prepare for riding in the One Day Event at the park on Sunday!


Thank you Beth Burrell for the use of this photo.

How: Friday private dressage or jumping lessons, $75; Saturday group xc lessons, $60

Park Fees: Park-use fee for each horse/rider combination, paid to the Catalpa Corner Horse Park is $75 per day of park use. Friday night stabling is available for $25. Stalls must be stripped upon departure.  Park fees will be paid on site.  Clinic fees must be paid in advance for scheduling purposes and can be paid via paypal payment to fielddayhorses@gmail.com or by mailed check made out to ‘Field Day’ to 57560 highway 210, Cambridge, IA 50046-8583.

Entering details: Enter by filling out the online registration form below.  Payment may be made by check or PayPal, as indicated above. For a clinic entry to be complete, online entry, payment, signed Field Day waiver, Catalpa Corner waiver, and USEA waiver must be received by Monday October 8. Waivers may be printed out, signed, scanned or photographed and emailed to fielddayhorses@gmail.com, if desired.  Ride times for completed entries will be posted no later than Tuesday October 9, 7:00 p.m.

Stabling: Available Friday on first come first served basis.  Stabling available Saturday exclusively for entrants in the Sunday Derby.  Saturday stall reservations are made through the Derby entry.

Camping: $30.00/weekend, limited. Campers will receive a tag to display.


A cold day, but I’d had it with not riding and rode all the horses for a short period of time, just to give them some fun, get their feet moving and maybe review a few basics.  Lexie was really quite good!