Arena work

We’re getting near the earliest sunsets of the year so we had to work in the indoor.  Well, I suppose that and deer hunting is a good reason to stay in.  The footing is much improved and zero dust.  She started out tight, but got better and better as the night went on.  Larry rode Leo and we worked a lot on lateral work with both of them.  By the end of the night she had some nice relaxed, loose-rein canter work, which was thrilling.  It is always a treat to work with the talented and smart Elsa!

Dusk hack and arena work

The sun was just setting when I got him tacked.  We went down the gravel road toward the river.  He suggested that we not go down the hill, as evidenced by a few slow spins back left.  I corrected his assumption that he didn’t need to go forward and got marching and then a deer jumped out ahead of us, and he said, “I told you it was scary!”, at which point I said, “Deer aren’t scary, back to it, brother.”  And he dutifully did.

We went down to the barricade and then the black dog came out, which he was only mildly alarmed at.  Then we had a lovely trot back up the hill.  He is moving beautifully.

Then some nice loose canter work in the arena, and he did very nicely and seemed happy with himself.  Good man.  There were peppermints too.  🙂

Napping to jumping

I went out to get her and she was lying down and napping in the sunshine.  Everybody was resting in the beautiful weather.  She got up to go to work with a cheerful heart.  We warmed up in the outdoor and did a lot of jumping over small jumps, working on adjustability.  In learning about adjustability, horses make mistakes, so we got a few odd distances in the video below, but I was very pleased with her allowing input.


We tacked up and her eye is probably improved over yesterday.  It didn’t seem to bother her much.  It looks like this today:

In fact, in real life it looks better than this, but this is the best picture I got.  I’m not camera gifted today for some reason.  Ha!

We worked in the arena in all gaits on suppleness and relaxation.  By the end she was doing some nice work.  Good girl.  I gave her a chance to roll in the arena after untacking and she enjoyed it.

Short hack and then arena work

The sun was setting and my camera was acting up, so I don’t have pictures for you, dang!  But we went down the hill and back and even had a nice canter back up the hill, which he thought was major fun.

Then we worked in the indoor in all gaits.  By the end we were doing a figure eight with simple changes of lead.  The right lead was sticky at first, but by the end it was quite good.

Lateral work and downward transitions

I brought her in and groomed her.  She is really shedding!  Also, she might be actually gaining weight, which was not in the plan.  Oh my.  I’m going to tail back on her grain a little and we’ll keep monitoring her.

We started out doing some suppleness work, then on to leg yield and then on to canter work with transitions to trot from canter and halt from canter.  She gets better and better.

These cool night and mild days I have been taking her blanket off during the day and back on again at night.  Tomorrow is rumored to be a windy day, so she might have it on all day.  We shall see.