Lateral work and hacking

Kelly and Elsa, and Leo and I started with some flatwork in the arena.  We started a little late because we helped catch Moondancer who decided to go on a trot about the property and was having a grand time of it.

Leo was a little slow off the leg in his lateral work, especially leg yield to the left, but he got better and better with patient work.  As a result of that suppling, the right lead canter was very nice.

Then the four of us went out on a hack to the cemetery.  He was delightful.  His tempo and rhythm are a treat to ride and we all had a wonderful time!  Afterwards he got a nice rinse.  I offered him a chance to roll in the arena, but he was more into going into his stall and having supper, which I couldn’t argue with!

Hacking and good work and grazing, oh my!

We started out with a walk hack down the hill, observing all the earthwork that has been happening.

We carried on and hacked back up the hill and out to the prairie, including some nice, supple work in the hickory grove in all gaits.  She was letting go and breathing, which was really very nice for both of us.

Then a hack home:

Followed by a rinse and some grazing on the north side of the barn, where the grass growing in the shade there was quite verdant, which she enjoyed immensely!