Elsa hack

We went down the hill in walk for a warm up and trotted back up for a workout. The shoulder was appropriately soft, probably due to it mostly being in the shade.

Then we hacked around the field, working on balance and transitions and also just enjoying the freedom of being out. She did excellently!

On the way out after the hill work

Treated to a beautiful sunset. Wish you were here.


Leo hack out

It was a beautiful evening for a hack out and we started with a brisk walk down and trot back up the hill.  Then we did canter work in the meadow, including walk canter, which is a really good exercise for him in muscle building and might be good for you for really learning about positioning the horse’s body for depart.  He did very well.

Then we hacked in the hickory grove and he mentioned that he would like to eat the thistle flowers on the way home.  Some horses love them!

Morning hack

We’ve been doing a lot of work in the arena, so I thought it was time to go on a hack.  I lost my phone over the weekend which is why I have not been having pictures to post on the blog.  Just one of the 8,000 inconveniences of losing your phone.

We went about 2.5 miles, in all gaits.  He was a little tight in the beginning, but got better and better and we both enjoyed the time together.


I rode him in the morning in the indoor.  When he is being mounted, he often stretches out, which can be a sign of back pain.  I would consider having him checked looked at by a chiropractor.

We worked on flexibility and relaxation in all gaits today and he did quite well.  He took several nice deep breaths, even during canter.  Lovely.

Very nice work

I tacked him up in the evening and rode in the indoor.  He was even more relaxed in walk than usual and produced some nice work in trot and canter.  We could have done a pretty respectable dressage test!  Very good man.

Coming along

He led me on a short but merry chase before he let me catch him, at which point he got a cookie, which made him wonder why he ran.  Hmmmmm

I tacked up and we worked in the indoor on stopping and standing quietly and he got  better and better.  We worked in all gaits and he had some nice moments.

Elsa hack

I tacked her up and went on a hack with Kristen, working on them being together and separating, which Elsa has no trouble with, but Sif does.  With Elsa, we worked on halting and ratability and she was quite good.  We went down the road to the end, then around the prairie.  Afterwards, I grazed her for 20 minutes while Kristen tacked Moondancer.

The bit

We had a very welcome isolated thunderstorm today that dropped 0.5″ on our place.  While the plants breathed a sigh of relief, all the horses rolled in the resulting short-lived mud.  Sahara was no exception and it was either spend time grooming him carefully or clean the important parts and get on with it.  So this picture of him with the bridle on shows some mud for sure.

He accepted the bit quite willingly and didn’t fuss with it in his mouth.  I took him into the indoor and did some in had work to be sure that he knew how to respond to the bit and he did well.  I got in the tack and we worked on proper, balanced walk and also halting and standing still after the halt.  Then we did some lateral work, introducing leg yield.  He did very well.