Opening Hunt

img_8261We rode with our friend Leslie in third flight so it was a very sedate ride.  He was a bit tight at first, but well behaved.  He settle over time and we did manage to lark over one jump and he was delightful.

Here is a picture from early in the day.  Max is the horse in front.  Jay is in red on Eddie.
img_8260There was a decorated place to have pictures taken after the hunt.  Unfortunately, all the horses seem unamused by the process!


Yesterday he went on a hack with me and a student and had a good time.  Today we did flatwork with a lot of emphasis on transitions.  He’s coming along.

Jump school

img_8219Had a fun jump school around our property!  We also included some grid work to help him develop straightness and strength in jumping.  He got better and better!  It was a nice enough day for a rinse after the ride too.  He was very pleased with himself and we both enjoyed the beautiful autumn day.


Beautiful autumn day.  One of my working students, Nikki, rode him on a relaxed trail ride with me on Eddie.  Eddie is on walk/trot protocol so I rode him to be sure he stuck to it.  Max enjoyed a low stress hack with Nikki too.

Lesson with Robin Groves

I took Max up to Skunk River Equestrian Center for a lesson with international CDE driver Robin Groves.  I ride with her whenever I can when she come to Iowa, about 3 times a year.  She loved Max and had many superlatives to say about him.  We worked on getting his right shoulder forward in trot and when we did his trot was much freer.

When we got to canter she was very impressed!

Flatwork and short lesson

We groomed him thoroughly, as I was showing a new student how to groom.  Then I rode him in walk, trot and canter, demonstrating proper warm up.  Then she rode him for half an hour or so, with a lot of work in walk, and some work in trot and canter.  They both enjoyed their time together.