Max comes to Field Day

img_7747I picked up Max from Alison at Irish Run.  Alison was kind enough to share him with us when we got an arthritis dx for Eddie two days before the Burwell Hunt weekend.

He trailered and settle in beautifully and spent the evening with Bravado and they were like peas and carrots.

Alison provided him with a pretty blue, new halter and I did a little beauty shop treatment on his mane, tail, fetlocks and whiskers and he was ready to leave for Burwell in the morning!

XC school


Al enjoys a beautiful sunset walking in from a xc school

GREAT xc school at Walnut Creek tonight.  Sadly no jumping pictures or video.  He is gaining a lot of confidence and starting to look for jumps.  I let him gallop on a bit and then come back for jumps, like he will do on course in a competition.  We did dropping into water, up and down banks, ditches, trakehners and a small corner.  I was teaching a lesson while schooling him, so he got a lot of breaks while the other horses and riders went.

MRR show

We went to the Middle River Ranch schooling HT and he loaded, unloaded and settled in just fine.  I should say that he is a little hesitant loading, slightly enough that it doesn’t even really register on my radar, and it is improving .

The property received enough rain overnight that Linda and I agreed it was prudent not to jump, so we did two dressage tests only.  We changed his bit after the first one, something which I have a personal rule against doing at a show, but he was fussy enough in it and it was a schooling show where one can try these things, that we thought it was worth a go.  We borrowed a french link from my friend Kelly Still Brooks and this is the second test.  I had been riding him in a Myler with tongue relief, thinking I was doing him a favor.  Other than the trip-to-halt combo, it was quite a good test for the state of the training.  Good man, Al!

First Field Day Gallop

Out for a hack where we worked in all gaits including gallop.  I shot a lot of video off him.  He did very well.  He is loading into the trailer better (we had to trailer to the place that we  hacked today) and settling better in new places.

Hunt Practice at Sky of Fire Farm

Took him to Ted and Ro Crosbie’s Sky of Fire Farm near Redfield and stood through a ceremony, hacked with others at a walk and then schooled some xc jumps in the melee that a group of schooling foxhunters tends to be.  He kept his head admirably and jumped some biggish hanging logs in good style and with confidence.  Then stood at the trailer with hay and water with the other horses like a trooper while we brunched.  Very very good day.

Flatwork and cool down hack

Started out with some flatwork in the indoor.  He was polite right from the start.  He was a little stuck to the right, which came around with some circles and lateral work.  We worked in all gaits and he did well.  Definitely on the right track.