Dressage day

Much quiet work on relaxation with a hint about connection and suppleness and a few jumps for good measure.  Started out a little green, but ended up pretty well.  🙂

Hack and Jump

We went on a hack with Jay and Elliot.  Al was very good most of the time, but once in a while he gets upset and inverts.  It is becoming less often over time.  Most of the hack he was excellent and he is learning about dealing with uneven terrain.  When we got back to the barn we had a short school over the ground poles and small jumps and he did well.  He is figuring out his footwork.

Hack around the block

We went for a hack around the block with two other horses and riders.  Work in all gaits, lots of sights to see including crossing over where they are working on the Dakota Access Pipeline with all sorts of huge machinery, and he did well.