Intro to tiny jumps

We did a lot of canter work and then put Magee, my working student, on him and I took a little video.  His canter has gotten a lot stronger and the connection is coming.  We also put him over the world’s tiniest jump today, which he did well with.

Canter poles and pasture work

We started out in the indoor with work in all gaits and over the trot cavalleti.  He had a lot of trouble with the canter poles at first, but improved a lot after a bit and his attitude was excellent throughout.

Then I took him out to the pasture and rode in the far corner.  He whinnied a few times as he did last time, but wasn’t as upset.  When we were done and started to walk back in, he walked much more relaxed than he did the last time.  Getting a little more comfortable by himself.