Out to the pasture

I rode him in the indoor where he did quiet well.  He is becoming more confident over the trot cavaletti and his canter work is much stronger.  We continued our work out in the pasture where he was a little nervous and noticing he was alone.  He whinnied several times and was generally distracted, but he got better and better.  Good man.


Short on time today, so it was lunge or nothing and I really want to keep building his muscle, so lunge it was.  He was very good in canter to the left and pretty good in canter to the right.  He is putting on muscle and getting stronger.

Jump school

Lovely day in central Iowa!  After a warm up on the flat we did the bounce, two stride, bounce grid, several times well.  Then we put it in a small course with a vertical and an oxer.  He did very well and enjoyed himself immensely!

Lots more canter work

We warmed up with a fair amount of walking, then on to trot.  We focused today on transitions staying a little rounder than they had been in walk to trot transitions.  Then on to canter work, which started out a little frothy, but came around quite nicely.  Working in a general sense on getting him to stretch down and open his throat latch.


We groomed and tacked for a hack when a morning thunderstorm threatened.  It wasn’t directly at our place, but near enough that I didn’t want to ride out in it, or have something else blow up while I was out.  So we worked in the indoor.  We did a lot of lateral work and canter work and some fun with cavaletti.  Good man.