Elsa goes adventuring


Elsa enjoying the sunset


I am clearly not the queen of selfies. But you get the idea.

Elsa started out in the arena helping me teach Kristen and MC on their horses and participating in the exercises.  After about half an hour of walk, trot and canter work, we headed out on a hack.  Kristen and I went north into the CRP field and then she showed me some new areas to ride in that she had learned about from a friend recently and from riding with Cindy.

We had a lovely ride and Elsa was a bit strong at first, but settled nicely about halfway through and was a peach at the end.

Tag on a hack

IMG_6250I brought him in and groomed him and he stood very well in the cross ties.  I picked up the dressage whip on the way out to the arena and when I did, he was worried.  So I rubbed it all over him and reassured him and after a bit he settled down nicely.  We worked in the arena on him going forward and coming over his back and he did very well.

Then we went out on a walk hack down the road.  I was asking him to keep his neck down and encouraging him to stretch over his topline.  He was nervous at first, but with reassurance he improved dramatically.  He could do well with a lot of hacking out.  He’s a sensitive guy and really wants to please.  Loves me some Tag.

Elsa hack

IMG_6244I brought her in and tacked her up and started out on a hack in the beautiful sunshine.  We had a long walk warm up when we headed out on the gravel road.  We went east, on the way to the cemetery.  The footing was pretty good on the gravel road – the edges were lightly sandy.  After the walk warm up, we went on to some very nice trot work, a walk break, some canter and then we were at the cemetery.

We hacked home and then went down the hill to the end of the road in canter for balance work and then walked back up to cool out.  I let her graze in the round pen while I rode Tag.  There was some grass there, but not too much that she might have issues.

Stretching goodness

I brought him in and brushed him and had a little conversation about standing still in the cross ties, which went well.  Then I tacked up and briefly lunged him.  He was well-behaved, but looked a little stiff to me.  I got in the tack and did a lot of stretching and he came to it right away – you must be doing some good work with him!  Had some great work in all three gaits and he was quite pleased with himself.  I untacked and let him roll in the arena, which he loved.

Elsa goes on a hack

Shedding! A hopeful sign of spring!

Shedding! A hopeful sign of spring!

Beautiful day so I took Elsa out on a hack.  We went around the field once clockwise, with a long walk warm up which ended in some canter work in the last third.  Then we stopped, turned around and came back in a counter clockwise manner.  We had a brief jump school on the way through the jump field and she was very good.  Then we walked home.  I gave her a good brushing at the end and she is shedding quite a bit!