Archie rocks it

He had some swelling on his right eye and he was a big lazy in warm up, but he was really quite good under saddle.  I rode him and then Megan did and they did some very nice work!

Transitions and leg yields

We rode in a lesson with Miranda and Tag.  We started with some walk work, encouraging her to keep the tempo, then on on to a circle of canter and a circle of trot to circle of canter, rest and change directions repeat.  This is a good exercise to help her loosen her back and works quite well.  Then on to quarter line to quarter line walk leg yields as a warm down and in which she was very good!

Shedding and balance

Can spring be far behind?

I  took off her blanket and groomed her and her hair is starting to come off in earnest.  What a lovely sign of spring!  I tacked her up and rode in the indoor as it wasn’t the most pleasant day out and the footing was not great.

So we rode in the arena and she was very good.  She had some moments of real balance and relaxation (along with some moments of tension and quickness of course), but the balance and relaxation outnumbered the other moments quite nicely.  We ended up doing quarter line to quarter line leg yield, to canter depart, 15 m circle, then quarter line to quarter line leg yield the other way, to canter depart, 15 m circle and repeat.  This is a great balancing exercise and she just got better and better.

I let her have a nice roll in the sand after she was done.

Proper ground manners

After our festival of ground work last week, we started out today with a pop quiz to see how much he retained.  We marched, in hand, down the hill and he walked with his neck down very well.  He just had one moment of indecision about who was in charge and with a cluck he was over it.  There is more work to be done here, but he showed really excellent retention!

Then I tacked up and rode him in the arena, where he was quite good in all gaits.  Even had some very nice breathing and stretching in all gaits.  Very good day!