Starting to relax

Rylee met me at the barn with a saddled Harley (spiffy new stirrup leathers!) and with hardly a limp after her surgery. Stellar. I lunged him and he was quite the pill, but he came around nicely in the end. We had a fairly long riding session and worked on staying relaxed, accepting the bit, backing, leg yielding, side passing and flexion, as well as all gates. Very good day. 

A little goofy

I brought him in and tacked up and got on. He was a little more goofy than usual in the first few minutes, flipping his head about and being tense. This had me reconsidering the wisdom of not lunging him first when he hasn’t been ridden for a few days. ?

  After some trotting and cantering he settled quite nicely and by the end he was doing some really nice work. 

Stretching in hack

I brought her in and tacked her up and headed down the hill in walk, emphasizing swinging over her topline which she bought into quite well. Then a trot all the way back up the hill, which she said was a fair amount of work, but she was game. 

Then we went around the field going clockwise. We had a lovely bit of canter work in the hickory grove and jumped the brush jump a few times. 

Then some walk and then work in all gaits continuing around the field, always encouraging her to soften her neck and let her back swing, with good success. She felt the need to shy at the leaf pile near the turn back to the barn, but got over it. Good girl. 

Morning hack

He was halfway through his hay breakfast when I showed up and brought him in and tacked him up. We went out and walked down the road to the end, then trotted back up the hill. Then out to the field. 

We went west first in trot, then did some canter work in the hickory grove, then  jumped the jumps a few times. Then a hack using all gaits around the field. Very good man.