Archie good man

I brought Archie in and tacked him up and he stood very well and had no incident in the cross ties.  He stood politely for mounting and felt very good in his body in warmup.  We did a fair bit of canter and trot with an emphasis on stretching.  He is becoming a lovely horse to ride.  You are doing a good job with him.

IMG_4373Then out for a hack.  First we trotted down the hill to the end of the road, then a walk break, then cantered back up.  Then out for a hack around the field and a look at the new shiny barrel jump which he was dubious about getting near, but eventually did.  We didn’t jump it though.  Then a nice canter in the hickory grove and long rein walk home.  He would have preferred a jig home, but we discussed the wisdom in that choice and he decided to walk mostly flat-footed. He shied at a few things on the ride, including when my shoulders would touch branches, so I started purposefully moving branches every time i could reach them so that he could figure out that not everything was about him.  He got better, but there is more work to do.  The nice thing about him is that when he shies, he just moves one stride and stops.  I’ve found that horses with this natural tendency eventually are able to get over shying almost entirely, or to the extent that any horse can.

Trotting down hill video:


Lukey and puddles

I tacked him up and worked in the arena on stretching over his toppling and he was extraordinarily good.  Wow.  Then out on a hack and he had some moments about the puddle in the driveway and also a puddle on the tractor path, but we came to an agreement that he could actually walk through them without having a canary.  Good man.

IMG_4371Then I showed him the new barrel jump and then we went on a canter to the far northwest corner of the field, had a walk break, turned around and jumped the barrel to the log, which is set at a perfect 3.5 stride for Lukey, but we rode it in four compressed strides and it worked beautifully.  Then we jumped it backwards and walked home on a long rein.  Good day.

stretching and a hack

I tacked up and we worked in the arena on stretching over her topline and not over-reacting to the leg.  These two things are connected because when she doesn’t stretch over her topline, she holds throughout her body and over reacts and subsequently rushes.  She did produce some relaxed work and even chew the bit calmly after a while.  Very nice.

Then I took her for a hack around the field and we did some canter work in the hickory grove.  Excellent work.


The flies are really putting in a good effort.  I think they know they end of their time is coming.  Harley says he needs more fly spray.  Tacked up and got on.  No lunging and he was pretty good right off the bat.  He had the usual flipping his nose about that he does, which is becoming less all the time.  We did a lot of trot and canter work which is getting better and better.  Then we went out on a hack down to the end of the road by the river and back.  He was very good!



Look ma! No lunging!

Since I finally got two days in a row on him and since yesterday went so well, I surmised that I probably could ride him without lunging first.  He was quite good about it.  Yay.

We did a lot of bending and trot and canter work as well as walking while I worked with Vicky and Luke in the arena.  Then the four of us went out for a hack.  He was extremely relaxed when he was leading, but when Luke got ahead he couldn’t maintain relaxation and walk with a long step, so started to jig to keep up.  Vicky was very kind in supporting my efforts to get him to walk flat footed by staying behind me until he did, which took a bit of time, but he did get there.  Great day.