On Sunday in the ODE, she had a steady dressage test, with the exception of wanting to exit the ring when passing the gate.  Showjumping was double clear and xc was double clear as well.  Ended up second.  Very good girl!  She finished xc sound, but I did notice just 3 odd steps on her right front on the presentation circle to the right for showjumping.

lunging and out on a walk

Lunge lesson with Rylee and she did very well.  Then in the tack and I walked trotted and cantered him and then Rylee rode him at a walk and trot and did very well.  He had one spritely moment on the beginning of walking outside, but Rylee handled it well and it passed.

Luke on a hack

I tacked up Luke and taught the first half of a lesson with Megan and Rylee from his back.  He was great.  Then we took a hack down to the end of the road and back and he was a perfect gentleman.  Afterwards, I was chatting with Cindy and Steve with him in a halter when he pulled me all the way down the aisle and out the door on the end of the aisle toward the house.  Cheeky monkey.  I got him stopped at the end of the aisle, chastised him and then took him out to graze, which I was going to do anyway.  But I did require him to be polite while he did so.

Elsa dressage

Kelly came out and I worked Elsa dressage and we went over the test together.  We discussed her feeding program and likely caloric needs and agreed to try tailing her grain back somewhat, and adding Purina Enrich Plus in place of some of it.

Relaxing over topline

Worked in the arena where it was somewhat livable despite being hot and humid outside.  At least we were out of the sun and had some breeze.  We did a lot of work in stretching in trot and canter, to help her let go in her back.  She ended up coming around beautifully.