Off to Swede Point Park

Another hack out with draw reins as I want him to really get the idea that he needs to go forward and stay on the aids and relaxed.  We had a nice trot and canter trip to the entrance to Swede Point Park and he was better behaved than he was on the Tuesday hack.  Even some very nice canter work and not shying at a culvert along side the road.  Well done.

Lots of cantering

Rylee was out to watch him work and was a great help to me in tacking and untacking and taking care of Lukey after I rode him.  Harley was improved for mounting today, but there is still a way to go.  Trot work was fairly relaxed and canter work was improved too.  Coming along!


Elsa goes to the river

IMG_3544Well, we found out that the intended competition was canceled for this weekend, which was disappointing but I always feel that everything happens for a good reason and carry on.  So I tacked up Ellsa and we went for a hack.  When I hack, I don’t just flop around on a long rein.  I ask for transitions and proper work just like in the ring, but I just happen to be outside.

We hacked down to the end of the road, then took a left on the path and followed it down to the Des Moines river.  The path is clear, but not trimmed for horses so I got the opportunity to duck and weave a bit and Elsa was her usual fabulous self, dealing with it.

IMG_3558Then we hacked back to the road, back up the hill (that was a lot of work for her!) and then had some nice work going around the big field behind the house.  Then I walked her out, untacked her, rinsed her and let her have a graze.  Good day.

Lukey gets on board

I tacked up Luke and set out on a hack.  Down to the end of the road by the river, then up, past the barn and almost to the cemetery, probably about 3 miles total.  He was very tight and even suggested turning around a few times, but he got better and better as he accepted the clue that he would be going and he might as well just do it.  Very good.

Road hack

IMG_3547Since we have a schooling horse trial this weekend, she needs some conditioning.  I tacked up and rode her on the road in all gaits down the road to the cemetery.  She managed everything very well, including a brief stop to chat with a local man and also a pheasant flushing out of the ditch as we trotted by.  Very good!


Some very nice work

We did a lot of long and low work, sending her forward, encouraging her to stretch over her topline in our warmup.  When she did, she had some very nice work in all gaits and some leg yield and shoulder in.  Half halts are starting to be more effective.  Good girl.



This is a late entry because it was the week before the show I run and I forgot to post.  But I was elated that even with all the other good things happening, additionally today we had canter for a full circle on each lead!  Really great!

Elsa in the cool

A very cool day with highs in the low 40s. I wondered to myself how Elsa would manage it since she hasn’t been ridden in a week and the cold temps tend to make horses goofy. She was her fabulous self. We warmed up with a lot of walk work while I coached Megan.

We worked on leg yield, which is coming along nicely and then on canter which is also coming along too. She is getting stronger and more consistent. Had a chat with Kelly about summer plans for Elsa.

Harley learns leg yield

He came trotting up to me in the paddock which was a nice change from how we started out a few weeks ago. I groomed him and tacked him up. I have been bringing my saddle because it fits me quite a bit better and may be a little better at spreading the riders’ weight over a larger surface.

He was pretty active on the lunge line, with some bucking and some galloping about, but understandable since it was very cold today which fires horses up!

IMG_3396When I got in the tack we did a lot of walking and some trotting. My main point is to get him to relax and more comfortable with his relationship with the bit. In our walk work, I introduced leg yield along the wall, which he found quite simple to understand and perform. Very good. I took him for a little graze after untacking.