Such a lovely girl

I rode her in the evening after the lesson. She was a complete angel for tacking despite the fact that I took her away from her hay. We had a walk warm up and she seemed happy to be under tack. Trot work was more consistent than it has been of late, which was a nice surprise. Canter work was a little exuberant at first, but I let her go on a little bit and after a bit of that, she was happy to come back and balance. We worked a bit on staying evenly between my reins and calves in canter and she came around nicely. We had some more trot work and then a nice walk cool down. Really an all around lovely day.

Elsa and her friends

I brought Elsa in and tacked her up. She was enamored of watching Archie be lunged in the arena. When I brought her into the arena she was a little on her toes but after a walk warm up and some trotting she was able to relax in her body. Canter was exuberant but rideable. We did walk leg yield for warm down.

For a warm down, I rode her around while the lesson warmed up. She was tense and jealous of her space when I walked her with the other horses. She needs experience being ridden with other horses. This is a handy skill she needs to have.

After the ride I noticed that she had a new chip on her left hind that was not there before.


Lukey and the scoot

Vicki was kind enough to tack him for me and after a brief walk hack, we went on to trot work. We had a discussion in walk and trot concerning staying on the aids when going past the blue tarp. We had success which carried over in to canter. We incorporated a ground pole into he exercise and he did quite well. Then we did some lateral work where there was some resistance and also some nice work. He had two brief scoots but figured it was a waste of effort since he just had to go back to work. Poor dear.