Jumping with Jay

Jay is on a mission to get him and his horse fit for foxhunting, so when he got home at 7 tonight, he and Elliot and Lukie and I played in the arena. I asked Luke to come over his neck in trot and to come through his body in walk/trot transition rather than jump into canter. He did very well! Then we jumped, which we all found great fun.

Arrival and Day One

IMG_0062The boys arrived yesterday and settled in just fine. They are sharing the paddock, and happy as clams. In the afternoon today, I was going to catch Dallas first and ride him and pony another to start the fitness process. However, Dallas thought that trotting circles around me for 20 minutes would be more fun, and I let it go after that time, because he will come around to my way of thinking in the next couple of days anyway.

So I caught Nellie, who was happy to come in to the barn for grooming. I tacked up and went into the arena and started working with him. He has a marked lack of suppleness to the right and we spent a good while gently discussing that. Horses usually are not simply uncooperative. Often their muscles are very tight and they need gentle stretching to let go. We worked a good while on that in walk and trot. When we got to canter, it went reasonably well. I rinsed him and turned him out. We did some lateral work, which seemed to be an introduction for him.

I did a little beauty shop on JJ, as you can see from the pose he struck above. He was surprisingly good in our session. He clearly remembers the things we talked about in the past and had some very good work. Nice start!

The run in is easily big enough for the three of them when the rain comes tonight and tomorrow.



Hack with friends

IMG_1252We went for a hack with Jay on Sammy and Magee on Elliot. Luke was a little anxious at times and sometimes wanted to pull a bit or not respond to half halts. We had some discussions about that. About halfway through the ride we came to an agreement and had a nice time the rest of the ride. I took this picture of Jay and Sammy on the ride. (And Luke dealt just fine with the camera sound!)

Hack out alone

IMG_1194I took him for a hack across the road. We spent a lot of time in walk warmup, focusing on him keeping his neck down and staying with me, rather than looking for things to shy at. After a few minutes, he came around quite nicely. We had some trot and canter work in the grassed waterway which went well.

On the way home, I took this picture. His ears are back because he is reacting to the camera sound on my phone. In fact, he dropped his back and ran a bit, so I got him back and then took about 50 more pictures so he could figure out that the sound didn’t mean anything threatening to him. He figured it out.

Hack Day

Went for a morning hack with Magee and Elliot. Just a nice sedate ride with Lukie leading throught the very dangerous (lol) tall grass. We went about 4 miles and did have some trotting and a bit of canter. Great time.