Back to work in the arena. Her tempo is improving and her trot serpentine has moments of some very good work. We did a fair amount of work in canter today, which is improving. She is happy with Luke in the paddock and they have been enjoying grazing in the outdoor for about 6 hours a day. It is nice to have her around!

hack out

All work and no play would make for a sour Barbie, so today we went for a 2 mile hack with a friend on her horse. We only walked and Barbie behaved excellently and seemed to enjoy herself.

Lots of canter work

We warmed up with a lot of walk and some trot circle work, then moved on to trot serpentines, which are coming along. She is staying between the aids as she did on Friday. Then we moved on to canter and today added 12 meter circles within the 20 meter circles, on each quarter. She started to figure out how to engage her right inside hind and the canter improved. This was very hard work and she gets tomorrow off.

More trot serpentine

Trot serpentine is improving, but there were some moments where she actively would not stay between the reins and we had to discuss the wisdom of that decision. Canter work was improved over yesterday

Introduction of serpentine

I warmed up with a lot of walk work, including walk serpentine, helping her to understand her role with respect to rein aids. After corners and circles were understood, we moved on to trot serpentine, which was a little wobbly at first and required some negotiation. By the end it was improved. Canter work was a bit quick, but improved a bit over the session.

Hack with Magee and Elliot

I’m really not sure of the date on this, but I took him for a hack with Magee on Elliot. We went about 4 miles and he was good. We’ve also had a few lessons with Vicki which have gone well and been great fun. I’ve been a little lax about the logs, but he is doing well and I am enjoying working with him, and Vicki is coming along really well!

Beauty shop and arena ride

IMG_0040Today I brought him in and did some beauty shop, trimming his mane and banging his tail and giving him a good brushing, including every hair of his mane and tail. Then we worked in the arena, ending with some flying lead change fun.IMG_0041