More canter work

She was a little funny the first few steps away from the mounting block, but she was soon doing a flat-footed walk and staying between the leg and rein aids nicely. Trot work went quite well and we did a fair amount of canter work with only one tiny mention of a buck. A little sweaty at the end. Very good day.image

Staying between the aids

IMG_0033More flatwork in the arena today. She started out a little silly, but she camie around nicely and after a few minutes we were at the point that we ended yesterday. No bucking in canter today and better steering. She settled quite a lot. Really I think she is just mostly unsure of what she is supposed to be doing and she gets nervous and starts guessing.

After our first round of canter work, we relaxed on a long rein. When we were walking past the mirror, she was interested in looking at herself, so I let her play for a while. It was pretty cute. She’s a darling horse.

Getting to know you (again)

Lilly came back to me after a few years’ hiatus. I brought her in and groomed her and she behaved quite well. I put on my tack and brought her into the indoor. She was a bit of a cheeky monkey in the first few minutes, protesting that she didn’t know how to be straight between the reins or leg aids and having all sorts of inconsistent tempo. In walk. Mind you, I know she know better because of my work and also the work of the excellent trainer she was with last year. We spent about 20 minutes coming to terms. Then on to serpentines and circles in walk and then on to trot, which went quite well.

Canter work was a little more dramatic with a few mild bucks where she really thought she should sneak behind my leg and balk. We got that worked out and finished on 2 canter circles in each direction, going well.

She and Luke are getting along famously and Elliot is in love across the fence.


Went on a hack with Magee on Eddie. He had a big shy at a dark spot in the tall grass and I fell off. I am fine. Some horses really are worried about cantering in tall grass, and when I think about it I can’t blame them. Scary to not know where your feet are going. I got back and and we continued. Otherwise, he was quite good.