Walk canter

More work in the indoor with transitions. I asked for a walk to canter transition and got it on both leads. Her acceptance of contact is improving too. Good deal.

Trot work

It was less than ideal outside when I planned to work with Luke, so we worked in the indoor on consistency in trot and ended with some jumping. He said it was fun.

Big hack

He’s been a little bossy to the mare in the pasture, so I thought a good hack long hack may help him be more relaxed and amicable. So out we went. We did about 4 miles and he did quite well.

Pasture hack

I rode her in the indoor in all gaits. She started out a little tight, but improved in her connection in trot quite a lot. Right lead canter is coming easier and left is quite good, and her strength and balance is improving. We cantered through the pole grid quite nicely.

We finished out the ride with a solo hack around the pasture, which went well.