I tacked up without incident, but spent a little extra time with him, trimming his bridlepath, mane and tail. The tail and bridlepath look good, but the mane job is fair to middling. Arrg. Anyway, I got into the tack and rode in the indoor with Sarah on Eddie. Luke was well behaved, but heavy in the bridle in walk and trot. We had some discussions about bending and stretching over his topline and we came to terms nicely.

Then on to canter, in which he did mention that bucking was an option. He did a few times, but it was rideable anyway. Good man.

Not a bad start.

Riding with Magee

Sarah (Magee) rode Lottie, who Margaret kindly loaned her, while Margaret was setting up the poles for painting later in the evening. After a warmup, which went pretty well, we worked in the water, which went well, except for the time Magee followed a little closely and splashed Pippa who had scooched a bit, but that is part of life, too.

Then we rode around the upper field in walk and trot and let her stand on the west side so that she could take in the traffic, which had upset her a bit in the past. She got a little quieter about it as we waited. Then we finished trotting around the field. Next we turned around and trotted the path backwards, at which point Pippa commented that each of the jumps are new in the other direction! She did well.


90 degrees and humid, so we started out with a hack in the occasional shade of the training track. We worked on letting go in his poll. Then out for a hack in which, to my surprise, he did quite well despite the heat. In fact, in the first canter, he got a little rowdy! In the second canter we were able to actually stay a bit softer and on the aids.

By the time we hacked home from the marathon course he was fairly light in the bridle. I grazed him for a few minutes before turning him out.

Hack and triple

Magee rode Sammy on a hack with Liz Huntley and ! on Eddie and Charlie. The hack to Mike’s waterway was uneventful and fun. We ended up schooling the triple in the pasture, which went well. Great fun.

Charlie leads a hack

Went for a hack with Liz Huntley on Eddie, Magee on Sammy and me on Charlie. We went down to Mike’s land and rode in the grassed waterways. Charlie was quite excellent and happy to go with no tightness in his back. Lovely day!

Lizzie Huntley Guest Blog (Eddie)

Today, Sarah got back from vacation so Camie, Sarah, and I rode Carlie, Sammy and Eddie on a hack down the road. We took yet another new path and went down into the waterways of the cornfield. We even added some canter which all three horses seemed to be pleased about. After our excellent hack we rode Sammy and Eddie into the field and jumped some cross country jumps. We started out by jumping single logs and by the end were jumping three logs in a row that we had to angle to have in a line. I worked on turning Eddie with my outside aids and turning my body to produce a better turn, approach and canter to the jump. All the horses were very pleased and got a refreshing hosing off after the ride.

– Lizzie

Trotting in the water

88 degrees and sticky out. She was a little more relaxed than usual when I got on. I was carrying a fly whisk which she was a little worried about, but she figured it out in a minute or two. We did some walk work where I used the whisk to good effect to help her come forward in it. She was not all about that and actually kicked at it a few times, but I just kept after it until she accepted it and went forward. Trot work was really quite good today and we went over the trot poles on the ground, which went well.

Then on to canter work which was going well until she decided to throw a moderate buck or two with a little twist. I really wasn’t too much about that and just sent her forward into canter right away. She got over herself and did much better.

Then Margaret, Lottie and I went through the water complex together. We were following them across when Lottie’s splash surprised her and she gave a bit of an over-reaction to that, but true to her usual form, got over it quickly. Next we walked in and trotted out of the water, then trotted in and through. Very good.

Next a trip around the top area of the jumping field, largely in trot. She was a little light on her feet by the highway and got going in a bigger trot than I requested at times, but managed it pretty well, even leading at times.

At the end we rinsed her and she stood quite well. Then we sprayed fly spray on her. She is much better about that, thanks to Margaret’s patient work. Very good day.