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Archie goes for a hack

Archie was just coming in for supper when I arrived at the barn, so he wasn’t as thrilled to see me as he might have been, when he realized he was only going to get a mouthful of grain and then into the cross ties. Poor thing. He got cookies.

I groomed him and noted some sulcus thrush in his LF. Five of the six horses at my barn have at least one hoof with it, which is what made me look. The wet spring was tough on them. It doesn’t seem to be a bad case and if you get on treating it soon, it shouldn’t be a problem.

After grooming and tacking I put him on the lunge where he presented the adoring crowds with several expressive bucks. I lunged him until bucking was a mere memory and got in. We rode around the indoor and he was fine. We then when out and walked down the hill. When I turned him around at the bottom of the hill he did it rather exuberantly – one might even categorize it in the bucking genre, but it was borderline. No big deal and trot back up the hill.

Then we went clockwise around the prairie. We were having some particularly joyful trot when he let out a few more bucks, but carried on. We scared up a fawn, which he merely observed; a doe which he thought was fascinating; and a beautiful owl, which we both thought was beautiful.

We had some canter work on the far side of the prairie which went fine and then walked the last side of the prairie home.

I rinsed him off and put him in the round pen to graze while I meant to read a chapter in my kindle book, but after five minutes he was like, “Hey, girl, there’s grain in my stall!” so I went and brought him in. Nice night.

Hickory Grove Blog

I brought Leo in and he was as clean as I’ve seen him this year so far!  Lovely surprise.  Shedding a bit, so I curried his body and scratched his itchy headThen we headed out on a hack down the road and then around the prairie in a clockwise manner, including a spin around the hickory grove.  Apparently it was wild species day as we scared up a turkey, pheasant and deer.
On the way home, I took his bridle off and let him graze the delicious unbrowsed grass for ten minutes.  He loved it and I enjoyed watching him enjoy it.Then he had a nice rinse and roll in the sand arena.  Good fun.

Then on to Elsa, who was also delightfully clean.

After a brushing and tacking we also went down the road for a hack.  We went down the road to the river then around the prairie and into the DNR.  

On the way home, I took her bridle off and gave her a 10 minute graze, which she thoroughly enjoyed.


Afterwards, she had a rinse and a roll in the arena.

Then it was Tag’s turn.  He also came in clean and stood very well for grooming, including mugging for cookies.  His lip is healed up quite well.

He went beautifully in the arena, after performing like a champ on the lunge.

I took him out for a hack down the road and he balked and spun back left twice, at which point I sent him strongly down the hill and he trotted down quite well.  On the way home, we were walking and he shied very hard at the wooden structure on the north side of the road.  He was really scared, I could feel his heart beating hard.  Since I thought using the whip on him when he was scared was not wise or kind, I didn’t.  I got off and led him past it, then got on and went past it twice and he did fine.

Then we passed the barn and went east on the road for about half a mile and he did well.  I think his balking is a confidence issue and requires reassurance and repetition.  He essentially needs a strong, encouraging friend.

After the ride I gave him a rinse then turned him out in the round pen to roll and graze.

Next on to Archie who was also clean with the exception of his back cannon bones that had some scurfy mud on them. He was excellent during lunging and did very well under saddle in the arena where we worked on getting him to come thorugh from behind through the magic that is canter/trot transitions.  I really liked where he was at the end of it.  Then we went for a hack down the road to the river and even passed the black scary scorched earth where they had burned off some vegetation (which I did not thing to take a picture of).  No problem!
Then it was his turn to graze.