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More seat aids

Since it is supposed to be so cold tomorrow and Monday, I was on a mission to work everyone today. Lexie and I worked more on seat aids today, with very good success. After a brief review, she showed the correct response in walk and even had some moments of nice rebalance in trot. Her canter work was more malleable as well! Great!

Seat aids

After a nice walk warm-up in the relative warmth of 29 degrees (yes, I was riding in a sweatshirt, no jacket) I did about 30 walk to halt transitions to help her understand the said aid for collecting. We spend a lot of time teaching horses that the calf means “go” and spending some time teaching them that the thigh and the lower back mean “rebalance” is time well spent.

She started to understand the concept well in walk and to make the appropriate changes. She even carried it forward into trot and canter well. This was a great start.

More coming through

Another lovely day, thought the clouds were already coming in, in front of the storm this weekend. Nevertheless, we rolled up the south curtains and went to work. She had a nice walk warm up and some good trot work. Canter was a little tight and it improved.

Flatwork and snow hack

I rode Lexi in the indoor with Missy on Sammy (who is doing well!). Lexi is also doing well, with a lot more relaxation in all gaits. We even got some nice deep breathing in canter and relaxation over her topline. At the end of the hack, we went for a fun, short hack in the fresh snow.

When we got back, we untacked them and let them roll in the arena, of which she took full advantage.

Stretching and relaxation

It has been one week since Lexie started on the ulcer medication. I think that it has made a difference for her. I think that her eye is softer and she is somewhat more relaxed under saddle.

We had a solid walk warmup and good trot work. She was a little tighter than I would like in canter, but we are working on that.

Hack to Delandar

I tacked him up and he looks really good. Nice weight, his hooves are good and his attitude is hilarious. What a character!

First walk down the hill and trot back up.
We might have trespassed a little bit, but the footing was much better in the corn field
Always interested in his environment
Had a nice canter and then a look around
Mugging for cookies. He emptied my entire pocket of cookies!

Massage, relaxation and lateral work

Zenning out after scalp massage

I brought her in and groomed her and trimmed her bridle path. Then I gave her a full head massage. She was digging it. I rode her in a Howdy’s snaffle tonight.

We warmed up slowly with walking and basic lateral work, such as turn on the haunches, side pass and leg yield. We proceeded slowly to help her understand to yield to leg cues rather than react to them. We made very nice progress and then just for fun did some trot and canter work. Then a review of the lateral work during warm down. Very good girl.

Lunging and check

So we started Merlin on Omeprazole, ran out of that and put him on ranitidine until the compounded omeprazole/ranitidine powder arrives. I wanted to see if he was more comfortable in his body as a result of the ulcer treatments. He was happy to go and may have been a little more relaxed.