Three, four and five

I am pretty brilliant, you know…

Same exercise today as yesterday.  After a warm up and a few minor bobbles, he did three times around the circle on the right lead, jumping the 8″ jump.  I gave him a break and walked him around the arena and told him how brilliant he is.  Then I put him back to the exercise and asked him for four right lead circles and jumps and he obliged.  Another walk break and ego puffery, and we went back to the exercise.  I asked for five and he did it brilliantly.  Pat and done for the day.  We get in the tack tomorrow.

Blustery day does not stop the right lead progress for unstoppable Felix

Despite the blustery conditions today, Felix is quite happy in his south-facing run in.  He’s eating hay in the sunshine and out of the wind.  He ate his breakfast and seems quite content.

In mid-morning, I brought him in and groomed him in the cross tie and proceeded to the indoor  for some work.  We did the same exercise as yesterday, with a long walk warm up, some trot work and then on to the 8″ jump on the right circle.  He started out landing on the left lead, which I ignored, and then a few cross canter efforts, also ignored; and then he started landing on the right lead.  When he did it a few times, I gave him an in hand walk break around the arena.  When we went back to the exercise on the lunge, he got right lead right away several times in a row, so I gave him another break.  After that we came back and he got right lead three times in a row, including one time when he circled entirely around the circle, jumped the jump in stride and continued on for another circle!  This is just excellent.

Arrival and let the games begin

“Holy cats, I’m a hottie!”

Felix got to Field Day around noon today and offloaded and settled in without incident.

In the late afternoon I brought him in and showed him the arena, including the mirrors, in which he admired himself.

I lunged him with a long walk warm up, then on to trot work in both directions.  Then I included an 8″ jump , on a right lunge circle, that I asked him to trot up to and land in canter on the other side.  The first few times he landed on the left lead, so I just let him, brought him to trot and continued again.  I ignored his left lead or cross canter attempts, then gave him a lot of praise and a break from work when he chose the right lead.  At one point late in the session, he had 3 right leads in a row.  He was well pleased with himself and I let him know what a star he was.  Great start.

I am sure he taxed some muscles that he is not used to using, so I gave him a gram of bute tonight and will for the next several feedings.

Opening Hunt

img_8261We rode with our friend Leslie in third flight so it was a very sedate ride.  He was a bit tight at first, but well behaved.  He settle over time and we did manage to lark over one jump and he was delightful.

Here is a picture from early in the day.  Max is the horse in front.  Jay is in red on Eddie.
img_8260There was a decorated place to have pictures taken after the hunt.  Unfortunately, all the horses seem unamused by the process!

Jump school

img_8219Had a fun jump school around our property!  We also included some grid work to help him develop straightness and strength in jumping.  He got better and better!  It was a nice enough day for a rinse after the ride too.  He was very pleased with himself and we both enjoyed the beautiful autumn day.