Balancing rein

Lovely day, so after grooming and tacking, I worked him in the arena with the curtains open.  That doesn’t happen every day in December!  I had brought some more jumps into the arena and he thought he needed to look at those, but he didn’t stare to long and just got to work.  

I put him in a balancing rein today, which goes from the girth by the elbow, through the bit and up to the saddle.  After warm up, I attached them and he responded quite well.  A few times he wanted to stop and push against them by raising his head, but they were loose enough that he really didn’t have to be in an uncomfortable position, just yield to the rein, which he figured out pretty quickly.  After the lunging, I lead him over a small cross rail and he walked right over it without knocking it down.  Clever boy!


I rode her tonight as the snow globe light snow fell outside.  She was on the muscle for the first ten minutes so we did a lot of flexing and transitions.  She came around nicely and started to breathe and relax and produce some nice work.  Good girl.

Dressage work with Magee

Magee rode Lexie in a lesson.  We did a lot of suppling work and lateral work and Lexie was her usual well-behaved self and also improved as the lesson went on, with more relaxation.  At the end they did canter half pass to flying lead change in both directions very well!

Ditch work

I rode her during the 45 minutes before sunset, when the shadows were very long.  The pups and I and she were in the pasture, where we worked in all gaits and also worked on negotiating the ditch, which, at first she thought was filled with alligators, and demonstrated her belief by jumping over it as if it was 3′ high and then cantering away.  All this from a walk presentation.  Silly girl.  By the end she was trotting over it and landing calmly in canter away.  Good girl.

A cold S wind came up in the late evening so blankets back on tonight.