Hack to the cemetery

Went out on a hack to the Delander cemetery.  Long walk at first, in which he was a bit tight and looky, then on to trot where he loosened up appreciably and he had some lovely canter work.

We walked the last bit home and then I untacked and hand grazed him for 15 minutes, which he loved.


We tacked up and went on a walk hack.  She was a little tight at first and actually seemed a little short on her left front, but with continued walking she loosened up and moved beautifully.  We walked the hills:




On the way home, a ditch mower went by and she was completely unfazed














Lexie arrived on Monday October 9th.  She loaded and trailered and offloaded well.  On Tuesday I brought her in and groomed her and noticed her back was a  bit sore.  It was on Wednesday and Thursday as well. She got some time out at grass, of which she took full advantage.

Balance in canter

She was in her stall for the evening when I went to ride her.  I had asked them to hold her grain back so that I could feed her afterwards.  I tacked her up and, since it was pretty close to dark, we stayed in the arena.

We did some stretching in walk and trot, and then went on to walk-halts where I would just squeeze the reins and stretch up, wait a second and then follow up by vibrating/pulling on the reins if she wasn’t started stopping.  She picked up on it beautifully and it carried through to trot and canter and she seemed right proud of herself.  Very good day!


I brought him in and tacked him up and he was great about it.  His eye looks as well as I’ve seen it.  Then I lunged him in the indoor and he was also good there.  I got on and he was relaxed right off the bat.  We did some work in all gaits in the indoor and then went out for a hack.  Daylight was fading, but he didn’t seem to mind.  We went around the meadow and he produced some really nice, through, large-swinging-step trot, which was very fun for both of us.  Canter work was good.  We were walking when a group of grouse flushed all around us.  Seriously.  Some in the meadow, some in the tall grass between the meadow and the soybeans.  And they kept flushing.  I think the parents got up first, and then the kids, then the grandparents and it took a while for the drunk uncles to decide to fly.  Archie was a little beside himself for a few seconds, but did not do anything naughty, just basically danced a bit and got over it impressively quickly.

Then we had another trot and a nice relaxed walk in.  During the walk we discussed the option of not bracing on the right rein and he eventually bought in.  Very good.  Untacked, peppermints, fed him his grain.  Good man.

Hacking and right lead

It was a breezy and cool evening which makes one wonder if winter can be far behind.  For some reason I  could not find his bridle so I borrowed Elsa’s and modified the size.  They take essentially the same bit.  We warmed up in the arena and he was stellar.  We went for a hack around the meadow twice, which a fair amount of trot and canter, but some walk thrown in for good measure.  He never missed his right lead tonight and was happy to go.  The only catch tonight was that he thought the below patch of fountain grass was haunted.  He did go by it but he was highly suspect.  Good man.  He also extorted a lot of peppermints out of me with his cute face.

Lateral work and hacking

Kelly and Elsa, and Leo and I started with some flatwork in the arena.  We started a little late because we helped catch Moondancer who decided to go on a trot about the property and was having a grand time of it.

Leo was a little slow off the leg in his lateral work, especially leg yield to the left, but he got better and better with patient work.  As a result of that suppling, the right lead canter was very nice.

Then the four of us went out on a hack to the cemetery.  He was delightful.  His tempo and rhythm are a treat to ride and we all had a wonderful time!  Afterwards he got a nice rinse.  I offered him a chance to roll in the arena, but he was more into going into his stall and having supper, which I couldn’t argue with!