Lexie and the rubber pelham

Well, I’ve been having a lot of success with Bravado on the rubber pelham and I was wondering if Lexie might like it too.  We started off with walk/halt transitions and at first she thought the best thing to do was push against it.  That reached a point of diminishing returns after a few tries and she figured out that actually thinking about stopping rather than pushing might be a better option.

Then on to  trot/walk which went well and all the other transitions all the way up to canter halt.  Very good!

Back to work

We’ve had a lot of time off due to the cold and today things were finally conducive to riding.  I tied her to the wash rack tie because Jay was hammering away on some improvements in the barn.  She decided she was going to sit back and pull like a donkey.  i think she was kind of surprised that the post held and then that I just walked away from her after she did it.  She didn’t get much reaction.  Ha!

Then I tacked her up and rode in the Schleese saddle.  It had about 5 fingers’ clearance over her withers, and it really should have three.  This indicates that the saddle is too narrow for her.  When I looked at the points, they were not parallel to her shape either.  It wasn’t egregious, so i rode her in it to see how she would go.  She went ok – hard to tell if it was the time off or the saddle.

She was a little tight to begin with, but came around nicely.



A cold day, but I’d had it with not riding and rode all the horses for a short period of time, just to give them some fun, get their feet moving and maybe review a few basics.  Lexie was really quite good!

Solstice ride

Happy Solstice!  I rode Lexie in the indoor in the afternoon as it was spitting a bit of rain and occasional snow outside.  I switched her to a french link snaffle to see if that would be more comfortable for her.  After a long walk warmup, we worked on suppleness as a general theme, and lateral work and transitions in the supporting roles.  She got better and better.

She is doing really well on the mostly alfalfa hay we are feeding and might be a little plump, so I switched her daily grain feedings to Purina Enrich Plus, which provides all the nutrients and tastes delicious apparently, but has fewer calories.  Let me know what you think about her condition any time.

Canter work and acceptance of the leg aid

I think her sulcus thrush is healing because the crack between is drier and her heels are firmer.  It is really to early to know for sure, but indications are that her front hooves are on the healing track.  Her back hooves look very good, I think.

She was very happy to go today.  If it weren’t deer hunting, I would have hacked her out.  As it was, we did a lot of cantering in the early part of the ride and she loved it and got better and better.  Then we did a lot of work in trot, working on relaxing and bending.  Then on to lateral work and acceptance of the leg aid (rather than raising her neck when the leg is put on, even quietly.)  She did very well.


We warmed up with a lot of walk work.  At first she was too quick, but I simply didn’t follow her tempo with my seat, and after twice around the arena she started to follow my tempo and did very well.  Then walk halt transitions, trot-walk, trot canter, canter trot and ending on canter halt.  She did well!

Lateral work and stretching

I’m back in the tack after nine days out and Lexie was the first horse I chose to ride.  I looked at her sulcus on her front feet and they look no worse anyway.  It is hard to wait after the treatment, but we need to wait about 5 weeks before we can expect to see real improvement.  I would say if we don’t see some changes by 1/1/18 then we need to consider another treatment.  No worries.

We started out with some walk work and lateral walk work.  Then we moved on to stretching in all gaits and transitions.  She did well!

Napping to jumping

I went out to get her and she was lying down and napping in the sunshine.  Everybody was resting in the beautiful weather.  She got up to go to work with a cheerful heart.  We warmed up in the outdoor and did a lot of jumping over small jumps, working on adjustability.  In learning about adjustability, horses make mistakes, so we got a few odd distances in the video below, but I was very pleased with her allowing input.