Flatwork and hack

Magee rode Lexie and I rode Bravado.  We started out with flatwork in the arean where I coached her on encouraging Lexie to stretch to good success.  Then we rode down the grassed waterway across the highway in all gaits, which went well.


Morning hack with Magee

It rained 1.5″ early this morning, so we went on a hack down the gravel road, Magee in the tack on Lexie and me on Howdy.  Surprisingly they were both a little tender on the gravel, so even though we had intended to take a mostly gravel hack, we ducked into the CRP.  We worked in all gaits and everything went well.  I forgot to take pictures because Magee and I were mostly chatting when we weren’t cantering.  LOL.  So this picture isn’t from today; I subbed in one so we would have a featured image.


Morning hack

Beautiful morning.  I treated her heels for thrush and went on a nice hack.  My whole goal was to get her to relax and enjoy the scenery and just chill out. She started out a little tight, but by the end, she was nice and chill.  Duggie came with us, which is always hysterical.  Great day.



Lexie gets on the trailer

I had the trailer hooked up from a project on Tuesday, so tonight was a good opportunity to practice loading with Miss Lexie.  I mad sure she was leading correctly (so that I was between her shoulder and ear and she was going the pace I dictated and paying attention) and she loaded right away. I also gave her a cookie each time she loaded.  After four cookies she was done.  Good girl.