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A nice mild day and all the horses wanted their blankets off in the afternoon, to have a good roll in the soft snow.  After I got that accomplished, I brought Lexie in and groomed her.  The thrush on her RF seems to be healing well enough that it is not responsive to pressure.  The LF still is a bit sensitive, so it may be time to treat her again.

We worked in the arena and she was really quite good in all gaits.  Getting better all the time.  Gia came and rode her in the evening and they seemed to get along well from what I observed.  Great!

Missy had a lesson on Otto tonight and they produced some nice work.  He is coming over his topline better and she is applying her skills regarding the outside rein and inside leg and incorporating the occasional counter bend where appropriate.  Really fun to work with them.

Meanwhile, I was riding Howdy and we did a lot of bending and yielding to the rein in walk.  He did very well and I am quite pleased.  I know, walking doesn’t sound exciting.  When it needs to be done and you get the results you’d hoped for, it is very exciting!  #horsegeek



A cold day, but not too bad in the indoor.  I think her thrush is looking better, but still am not ruling out another treatment when we get a 50 degree day.

After a long warmup, we worked on transitions and acceptance of the aids.  She is coming along!

I brought her in and groomed her. I took the liberty of clipping a short bridle path. I don’t know if you are trying to grow it out, so I did not trim the entire length of the former bridle path, which resulted in this mohawk look, which only Lexie could carry off so well.

More work with in the pelham, including stretching and transitions.  Very good!

Lexie and the rubber pelham

Well, I’ve been having a lot of success with Bravado on the rubber pelham and I was wondering if Lexie might like it too.  We started off with walk/halt transitions and at first she thought the best thing to do was push against it.  That reached a point of diminishing returns after a few tries and she figured out that actually thinking about stopping rather than pushing might be a better option.

Then on to  trot/walk which went well and all the other transitions all the way up to canter halt.  Very good!

Back to work

We’ve had a lot of time off due to the cold and today things were finally conducive to riding.  I tied her to the wash rack tie because Jay was hammering away on some improvements in the barn.  She decided she was going to sit back and pull like a donkey.  i think she was kind of surprised that the post held and then that I just walked away from her after she did it.  She didn’t get much reaction.  Ha!

Then I tacked her up and rode in the Schleese saddle.  It had about 5 fingers’ clearance over her withers, and it really should have three.  This indicates that the saddle is too narrow for her.  When I looked at the points, they were not parallel to her shape either.  It wasn’t egregious, so i rode her in it to see how she would go.  She went ok – hard to tell if it was the time off or the saddle.

She was a little tight to begin with, but came around nicely.



A cold day, but I’d had it with not riding and rode all the horses for a short period of time, just to give them some fun, get their feet moving and maybe review a few basics.  Lexie was really quite good!