Lateral work and stretching

I’m back in the tack after nine days out and Lexie was the first horse I chose to ride.  I looked at her sulcus on her front feet and they look no worse anyway.  It is hard to wait after the treatment, but we need to wait about 5 weeks before we can expect to see real improvement.  I would say if we don’t see some changes by 1/1/18 then we need to consider another treatment.  No worries.

We started out with some walk work and lateral walk work.  Then we moved on to stretching in all gaits and transitions.  She did well!

Napping to jumping

I went out to get her and she was lying down and napping in the sunshine.  Everybody was resting in the beautiful weather.  She got up to go to work with a cheerful heart.  We warmed up in the outdoor and did a lot of jumping over small jumps, working on adjustability.  In learning about adjustability, horses make mistakes, so we got a few odd distances in the video below, but I was very pleased with her allowing input.

Lateral work and downward transitions

I brought her in and groomed her.  She is really shedding!  Also, she might be actually gaining weight, which was not in the plan.  Oh my.  I’m going to tail back on her grain a little and we’ll keep monitoring her.

We started out doing some suppleness work, then on to leg yield and then on to canter work with transitions to trot from canter and halt from canter.  She gets better and better.

These cool night and mild days I have been taking her blanket off during the day and back on again at night.  Tomorrow is rumored to be a windy day, so she might have it on all day.  We shall see.

Stretching in canter

Back from our trip and back in the tack with Lexie.  We did a long warm up in walk and trot, working carefully and methodically on increasing her lateral range of motion and increasing her relaxation.  She made some good progress in walk and trot.  We did some canter work, just to get a start on stretching in canter and she was able to reduce a few strides of good stretch.  Interestingly, in canter to left, when she was stretching, she tired a little more easily and broke to trot.  This happens sometimes when horses are using new muscles, so I allowed her rest and then repeated after some walk work.