Hack with Emily

So, Emily Scholtec came out for an english riding lesson.  She was out last week too.  This is especially interesting because she is one of the 12 recipients of the Legacy of Legends scholarship.  This was a world-wide competition.  Some of the other winners are from Australia and Germany and probably other countries, but those are the two that stuck out to me.  She will be leaving for Montana a week from today and will be learning for 4-6 weeks from people who learned from Ray Hunt and other legends in colt starting.  Lucky her!

Lucky me, because somebody told her to “get out of her sandbox” and learn from other disciplines, and she chose to come to me.  Whoop!  Last week we hacked out and talked about english riding and western riding and the similarities and differences and there were some riding tips in there too.  We did about the same thing tonight and had a great time.  We went to the ghost barn and around back to Cam’s house, about three miles.

Lexie flatwork

Muggy night!  I brought her in and groomed her and treated her frogs for thrush.  Her right hind is the only one I am entirely happy with, but they are all improved.

We worked on flatwork in the indoor tonight.  She is coming along.


Lexie on a hack

Beautiful day so Lexie and I headed out on a hack.  We did a lot of walking for the first half of it.  She enjoyed looking at the countryside.

We scared up several pheasants which made her jump, but she did not over-react, and settled nicely.

We hacked about four miles.

We came across a group of 10 deer, which she found interesting, but not alarming.  We had a nice canter on the way home and then walked the last half mile in on a long rein.  Good day!