One Day Event at Heritage Park

Had the schooling horse trial at Heritage Park in Olathe, KS.  He was very good leaving the other horse who was tied to the trailer and settled pretty nicely, considering it was his first public dressage test.  There were some large plastic water containers near the ring and he took a look at them, but ignored them after that.  The test was tight, and the judge said, “Nervous test today, but when he stretches to contact, he shows great promise.”

Showjumping was green, but effective, as was xc.  We had some moments of trot on approach to some jumps – sometimes because I asked him to, sometimes because he was figuring out the distance.  But he jumped everything with ease and alacrity.

Hack and Jump

We went on a hack with Jay and Elliot.  Al was very good most of the time, but once in a while he gets upset and inverts.  It is becoming less often over time.  Most of the hack he was excellent and he is learning about dealing with uneven terrain.  When we got back to the barn we had a short school over the ground poles and small jumps and he did well.  He is figuring out his footwork.