A more solid feeling

I brought him in and groomed him.  He stood beautifully in the cross ties and accepted peppermints with grace.  

We had a brief lunging warmup, in which he was dang near perfect, then worked in the arena at all gaits.  I don’t know what to say about him, other than that he is just feeling more solid, a lovely thing.  After arena work we walked down and trotted and cantered back up the hill.

Archie takes some time to smell the tiger lilies.

Then he got a walk out and a rinse and some more peppermints.

Hacking, leading and following

We went out with Kristen on Sif.  Archie led for the first half of the ride in all gaits and he was very good.  In the second half of the ride Kristen led and he was very good with just one moment when Kristen cantered off and he got a little strong.  He didn’t do anything naughty and settled quickly.  Very good day.

Boisterous and a hack

He started out pretty quiet on the lunge line, but he had been dozing in the sun. Once he got his feet moving, he was all about it, putting in some pretty impressive bucks. But he got better and better and after just a few minutes he was very good in all gaits. Under tack he was very good in the arena so we went out for a hack where he was quite good. Sorry I didn’t get actual video of the hot times that were happening in the paddock across the street between two horses in the paddock. Oh. my.

Left leg yield

Went out and rode him in the afternoon.  When I got there, he and his pasture mate were playing a game of tag in the paddock and when they saw me they stopped and trotted over.  Funny guys.  I tacked him up and got on and reviewed all the things we have been doing recently, which went well in all gaits.  Then I went to work on walk leg yield, noting that each time he is asked to yield off the right leg, he balks.  We had a long quiet discussion about that and made some very nice progress.