Left leg yield

Went out and rode him in the afternoon.  When I got there, he and his pasture mate were playing a game of tag in the paddock and when they saw me they stopped and trotted over.  Funny guys.  I tacked him up and got on and reviewed all the things we have been doing recently, which went well in all gaits.  Then I went to work on walk leg yield, noting that each time he is asked to yield off the right leg, he balks.  We had a long quiet discussion about that and made some very nice progress.

Archie going forward

Had a good session with Archie with Megan and Rylee there to watch.  He was very tight at first, so I got off and lunged him and he came out of it quite nicely.  I got back on and he had some good work.  We addressed mostly him going really forward in trot, with some good success.

We had a little introduction to halt-walk transitions without raising or tightening his neck, which went really quite well.

Ears forward

I had a training ride on Archie. He was a little behind the leg and slightly (very slightly) snarking. We had a discussion about forward and he came nicely around to agreeing that forward with ears up was a very good idea. A few walk to canter transitions which were quite good.

Then Megan rode him and they had some beautiful, flowing walk.  Lovely thing to see!

Good man.