Hacking and good work and grazing, oh my!

We started out with a walk hack down the hill, observing all the earthwork that has been happening.

We carried on and hacked back up the hill and out to the prairie, including some nice, supple work in the hickory grove in all gaits.  She was letting go and breathing, which was really very nice for both of us.

Then a hack home:

Followed by a rinse and some grazing on the north side of the barn, where the grass growing in the shade there was quite verdant, which she enjoyed immensely!



Elsa hack

We went down the hill in walk for a warm up and trotted back up for a workout. The shoulder was appropriately soft, probably due to it mostly being in the shade.

Then we hacked around the field, working on balance and transitions and also just enjoying the freedom of being out. She did excellently!

On the way out after the hill work

Treated to a beautiful sunset. Wish you were here.


Elsa hack

I tacked her up and went on a hack with Kristen, working on them being together and separating, which Elsa has no trouble with, but Sif does.  With Elsa, we worked on halting and ratability and she was quite good.  We went down the road to the end, then around the prairie.  Afterwards, I grazed her for 20 minutes while Kristen tacked Moondancer.

Hack and lateral work

We started out with a walk down the hill and then a trot back up with Kristen and Megan.  Then it started to rain so we had some work in the arena in all gaits, followed by some turn on forehand and side pass suppling work.  She did very well and seemed to enjoy herself.  She got peppermints at the end, which she very much enjoyed.

Flatwork, hacking and jumping

I brought her in and tacked her up, and there may have been peppermints involved.  We (Elsa and I, Larry and Leo, Megan and Archie) walked down the hill and trotted back up as a warmup.  She did beautifully.

Then we worked on the flat and she was a little tight at first, but came around nicely.  We worked in all gaits and did some lateral work as well and she got better and better.  After the lesson was over, Larry and Leo and Elsa and I took a hack around the meadow and jumped over the jumps in the hickory grove on the way back home.  She did beautifully.

More soft rein work

We went out on a hack and continued the quest to get her to subscribe to the theory that she can live quite nicely on a soft rein. She got better and better and we did a little jumping at the end of the day.