Arena work

We’re getting near the earliest sunsets of the year so we had to work in the indoor.  Well, I suppose that and deer hunting is a good reason to stay in.  The footing is much improved and zero dust.  She started out tight, but got better and better as the night went on.  Larry rode Leo and we worked a lot on lateral work with both of them.  By the end of the night she had some nice relaxed, loose-rein canter work, which was thrilling.  It is always a treat to work with the talented and smart Elsa!


We tacked up and her eye is probably improved over yesterday.  It didn’t seem to bother her much.  It looks like this today:

In fact, in real life it looks better than this, but this is the best picture I got.  I’m not camera gifted today for some reason.  Ha!

We worked in the arena in all gaits on suppleness and relaxation.  By the end she was doing some nice work.  Good girl.  I gave her a chance to roll in the arena after untacking and she enjoyed it.

Balance in canter

She was in her stall for the evening when I went to ride her.  I had asked them to hold her grain back so that I could feed her afterwards.  I tacked her up and, since it was pretty close to dark, we stayed in the arena.

We did some stretching in walk and trot, and then went on to walk-halts where I would just squeeze the reins and stretch up, wait a second and then follow up by vibrating/pulling on the reins if she wasn’t started stopping.  She picked up on it beautifully and it carried through to trot and canter and she seemed right proud of herself.  Very good day!

Hacking and good work and grazing, oh my!

We started out with a walk hack down the hill, observing all the earthwork that has been happening.

We carried on and hacked back up the hill and out to the prairie, including some nice, supple work in the hickory grove in all gaits.  She was letting go and breathing, which was really very nice for both of us.

Then a hack home:

Followed by a rinse and some grazing on the north side of the barn, where the grass growing in the shade there was quite verdant, which she enjoyed immensely!



Elsa hack

We went down the hill in walk for a warm up and trotted back up for a workout. The shoulder was appropriately soft, probably due to it mostly being in the shade.

Then we hacked around the field, working on balance and transitions and also just enjoying the freedom of being out. She did excellently!

On the way out after the hill work

Treated to a beautiful sunset. Wish you were here.


Elsa hack

I tacked her up and went on a hack with Kristen, working on them being together and separating, which Elsa has no trouble with, but Sif does.  With Elsa, we worked on halting and ratability and she was quite good.  We went down the road to the end, then around the prairie.  Afterwards, I grazed her for 20 minutes while Kristen tacked Moondancer.