More soft rein work

We went out on a hack and continued the quest to get her to subscribe to the theory that she can live quite nicely on a soft rein. She got better and better and we did a little jumping at the end of the day.

Hack on the magnificent Elsa

It was a lovely day and I needed to go out and work with Archie, so I was lucky enough to come an hour early and work with Elsa.  I tacked her up and took her for a hack around the meadow in both directions with some dressage schooling in the hickory grove.  She was a bit strong at first, but came around to my way of thinking.  Love this mare.

Elsa on a mission

The thunder was distant when I tacked Elsa up and set out on a hack.  We trotted down the hill, took a walk break and then trotted back up.  She was excellent.

Then we went around the field on the woods side in all gaits.  We turned around and walked back to cool out.

We went for a hack in the mild weather.  I am just back from Rolex and learning with Dorothy Crowell and I was trying some new techniques which she reacted well too.  I can’t wait to show them to you!  We went on a mighty hack, up and down hills and trotting and cantering, with many leisurely walk breaks.  She was a bit tight at first but ended up beautifully.

IMG_6428There was a turkey hunter’s blind that she was very suspicious of, but went by quite nicely.

IMG_6433After the hack I gave her a rinse and let her graze in the round pen.  She got some extra time at grass because Rylee was kind enough to agree to bring her in after I left.

Elsa goes adventuring


Elsa enjoying the sunset


I am clearly not the queen of selfies. But you get the idea.

Elsa started out in the arena helping me teach Kristen and MC on their horses and participating in the exercises.  After about half an hour of walk, trot and canter work, we headed out on a hack.  Kristen and I went north into the CRP field and then she showed me some new areas to ride in that she had learned about from a friend recently and from riding with Cindy.

We had a lovely ride and Elsa was a bit strong at first, but settled nicely about halfway through and was a peach at the end.

Elsa hack

IMG_6244I brought her in and tacked her up and started out on a hack in the beautiful sunshine.  We had a long walk warm up when we headed out on the gravel road.  We went east, on the way to the cemetery.  The footing was pretty good on the gravel road – the edges were lightly sandy.  After the walk warm up, we went on to some very nice trot work, a walk break, some canter and then we were at the cemetery.

We hacked home and then went down the hill to the end of the road in canter for balance work and then walked back up to cool out.  I let her graze in the round pen while I rode Tag.  There was some grass there, but not too much that she might have issues.