Canter balance


After a warm up in walk and trot, we cantered over three poles on the ground set at 10′. She made a mess of them at first, which is to be expected, and she started to carry herself better and have more success after a bit. We ended with doing a small vertical with a pole on the ground 10 feet in front of it. Very good!IMG_1646.JPG

Snow ride


I brought Annie in and groomed her. She is getting better about having her feet handled. I trimmed her bridle path with the cordless clippers and she did very well. Apparently someone worked with her on that before.
We started out with some brief lunging in the indoor. My rule is that she has to go three times in a row without bucking on the lunge before I will ride her without lunging. We are now at 0 in a row. Ha ha. To be fair, the bucks are not much, so I probably will not end up sticking to the rule.
We did some brief work in walk and then on to trot. I like to get these young horses thinking forward. We worked on her coming over her top line to the bit and she is getting much more comfortable with it. Then on to canter wherein she has better connection than trot. We had some nice work there.
Then we opened the side door to the arena (which makes a very scary sound, Annie thinks) and walked out into the winter wonderland. I asked her to trot away from our property and she did all though anyone watching us would have thought one or both of us was drunk. We went out about half a mile and walked in the scary tall grass which she was fine with. Then we walked on a long rein all the way home, including over some nasty ruts, which she was completely unimpressed with. Here is a view on our way home.