Pasture hack

I rode her in the indoor in all gaits. She started out a little tight, but improved in her connection in trot quite a lot. Right lead canter is coming easier and left is quite good, and her strength and balance is improving. We cantered through the pole grid quite nicely.

We finished out the ride with a solo hack around the pasture, which went well.

Short Hack

Magee warmed her up while I worked with another horse. The did walk, trot and canter on both leads which went well. Then we traded horses and went out on a hack around the section. She managed quite well when we popped a few deer out of the grass, and did quite well generally.

The occasionally snapping curtain

There was just the perfect amount of wind that the curtain would snap at unpredictable times, like maybe only four times during the 45 minutes I rode her. To her great credit, she only startled, and kept doing what she was doing each time. Impressive. We did a lot of work in trot today working on maintaining a steady tempo and starting some connection. We did a fair amount of simple canter work with circles for strength and balance. Good work.


The primary problem is a lack of suppleness and strength. So we worked a little bit on both. Her understanding of the bit is a bit fuzzy, so we did a lot of work in walk and trot to help her get her balance and understanding. Good start.