Windy with snow

Yeah, so not a day to go back out on a hack. We worked in the arena with special attention to him coming over his back and stretching toward the contact. We had some nice work in leg yield. He is such a treat. I am going to miss his cute self when he goes home on Sunday.

Hack in the wind

We rode out with Vikki Klemm and her horse Luke on a 3.5 mile hack in the 20 mph wind. I couldn’t resist going because it was near 75 degrees. Off we went over hill and dale. He managed to scare himself a couple of times of things like blowing grass or a mailbox, but with encouragement, he went bravely on. I made him lead the whole way and he improved by the minute.

Scary jump blocks

IMG_0352This is the scary configuration of jump blocks that had our dear Critter undone today. He decided that they were scary and very good reason to scoot, stare, stop or any other number of ways of going completely off the aids. Of course I had a few comments on that and he got better, eventually able to do a figure eight while staying on the aids. Yay!

Critter and the jump blocks have made friends

Critter and the jump blocks have made friends


There was a wind advisory out for good reason. I rode him in the indoor and since it is a fabric building, it makes some noise in the wind, which he was objecting to. I kept the physical challenge of the work to a minimum, but required him to stay focused, which was an appreciable challenge, and he rose to it. Good man.


Pasture hack

I tacked up and took him out to the pasture. He was pretty unnerved by the xc jumps, but he handled it. He may have been on his toes a bit more than usual since he had time off. At any rate, but the end, he was trotting with his neck down and focusing well.

Left hind unsoundness

I tacked him up and started with my usual long walk warmup, which went fine. When I went to trot, he was lame on his left hind. Despite the fact that he was ears up and ready to go, I stopped and got off and untacked him. What a good sport he is to volunteer to keep going.

I checked his leg for heat and didn’t find anything. I used a hoof testers and got a slight response in the heel. I suspect he is brewing up an abscess. I turned him out, as my vet recommends movement to help keep things circulating and I have had good luck with that. I will give him a check tomorrow and see what is up and let you know. He is eating fine and seems completely emotionally unaffected.

More trot

We had another long walk warmup, followed by more trot work than yesterday, including trot leg yield and some shoulder in. There is some tightness in his topline in the shoulder in and leg yield, but probably more a matter of fitness than outright resistance. Had some canter work which went well.