Back in the swing

Luke is back for a tune up and it is fun to have his cheery face around.  I tacked him up, trimmed his bridle path, groomed him, tacked up and rode in the indoor.  We worked on staying attentive to the rider rather than outside stimuli.  We did a lot of lateral work in walk and trot and had some nice work in canter.  Did some ground poles which he was all about.

Hack out and the big bus

Scary white truck

Scary white truck

The fields were too muddy to ride in, so we went down to the end of the road and back up.  There was a scary white truck that he managed to deal with quite well.  We trotted on the way back up the hill and he was wanting to tighten his back and canter instead of stay relaxed and push over his back.

Then we continued on up the road to the first house.  We were coming back because the rain was starting and then the bus appeared over the horizon.  I could have just stepped off to a driveway, but it also seemed like a good excuse to hand gallop, so we did.  He enjoyed it thoroughly.

Then we continued past the barn and down to the end of the road again, but this time we cantered down the hill, had a bit of a walk, and trotted back up it.  He was much looser the second time up the hill.  Good day.

New jumps

BeauIMG_4772tiful day out and we may not have that many more like this so I took him out for a hack.  We went down the hill to the end of the road at a walk and then back up in trot and canter, which he said was hard work.  Then walk through the yard and clockwise around the field.  We scared up two sets of 3 deer in two different areas and he thought it was really quite exciting, though I mentioned that he needn’t be so impressed.  Then on to jumping working on the P exercise, which I will show you when the time comes.  He had some difficulty with the stopping politely part of it, but came around eventually.


IMG_4775Steve put up some new very small jumps and they were fun to play on too.  Nice day.

Morning hack

He was halfway through his hay breakfast when I showed up and brought him in and tacked him up. We went out and walked down the road to the end, then trotted back up the hill. Then out to the field. 

We went west first in trot, then did some canter work in the hickory grove, then  jumped the jumps a few times. Then a hack using all gaits around the field. Very good man. 

Jumping and other fun

I brought him in, tacked him up and took him straight out on a hack.  Skipped the arena warm up entirely, just to see what would happen.  Turns out – nothing.  He was great.  We walked all the way down the hill for warm up, then trotted back up for some cardio.

IMG_4412Then we walked and trotted out to the hickory grove and did some canter work there and then jumped the barrel and brush jump twice in each direction, which we both thought was fun.  Then on around the big field in big trot and canter and some walk in the soft spots.  He was quite the gentleman.  So afterward, I hand grazed him in the delicious grass outside the round pen.  Yum!


Lukey and puddles

I tacked him up and worked in the arena on stretching over his toppling and he was extraordinarily good.  Wow.  Then out on a hack and he had some moments about the puddle in the driveway and also a puddle on the tractor path, but we came to an agreement that he could actually walk through them without having a canary.  Good man.

IMG_4371Then I showed him the new barrel jump and then we went on a canter to the far northwest corner of the field, had a walk break, turned around and jumped the barrel to the log, which is set at a perfect 3.5 stride for Lukey, but we rode it in four compressed strides and it worked beautifully.  Then we jumped it backwards and walked home on a long rein.  Good day.

Luke hack and jump

IMG_3996I brought him and gave him a grooming.  His leg looks a lot better as you can see.  He was completely sound on it.

I fed him some apples I rec’d from a friend at work who has an overabundant apple tree.  He was loving that.  Then I tacked up and rode him in the indoor and he was great.  Then we went on a hack down to the barricades at the end of the road and trotted back up the hill.  Then we did a walk and trot around the field in a counter-clockwise direction and then jumped the jump and turned around and trotted and cantered back around the field.  We had a few discussions about him throwing a hip here or there when he saw a weed he didn’t approve of and by the end he was going really really well.  Nice day.

Owie Lukie

IMG_3985I brought him in and groomed him and noticed he had an injury to his right front cannon bone, right on the front.  It is not a new injury and it does not look infected.  I lunged him and he is sound on it.

It looks actually fairly alarming in the close up below, but, it is not draining anything bad and does not bother him one bit.  I trimmed all the hair away from it, which keeps the cut  a little more germ-free.  I used a scissors.  It would be great if somebody had a small cordless clipper around for just such a situation.  A lot can be told about a cut if you IMG_3982can just get the hair out of the way.  At any rate, it is not a new injury, maybe a day or two old and he was sound on it when I lunged him, so I tacked up.  If this were my own horse, I would not put a lot of gunky stuff on it and would monitor it.  Some Swat around it to keep the flies off might be a good idea.

At any rate, I held him or sat on him while I taught a lesson with Megan and Rylee.  Then we did some flat work and a bit of jumping over a very small block jump.  He was very sound and quite happy to go.

Then we went out for a hack, down to the river in walk and trot and back up in trot and canter.  Then a walk to cool out, rinse and supper time.