Jump school

Lovely day in central Iowa!  After a warm up on the flat we did the bounce, two stride, bounce grid, several times well.  Then we put it in a small course with a vertical and an oxer.  He did very well and enjoyed himself immensely!


We groomed and tacked for a hack when a morning thunderstorm threatened.  It wasn’t directly at our place, but near enough that I didn’t want to ride out in it, or have something else blow up while I was out.  So we worked in the indoor.  We did a lot of lateral work and canter work and some fun with cavaletti.  Good man.

Luke and the blocks

So, I brought him in and tacked him and got on.  We had some discussion about keeping his attention on me and then some nice walk and trot work.  Then on to canter work, where, during probably the 6th time past the jump blocks that are piled in the corner, he shied.  The poor thing was quite surprised when I mentioned to him that shying was really not necessary and then made to continue his canter in a circle right past the same point and staying on the aids.  He bought in quite nicely and then we had a lovely ride the rest of the time.  Much work on softly coming over the topline, some work over ground cavaletti and ending with some very nice walk work, staying relaxed, over his topline and staying present with his rider.  Good man.

Good man, Luke

Vicky came up to watch a good session with Luke in the morning.  Focus in the first part of the ride was on him allowing his focus to be on the rider.  I purposefully took my time with stirrup adjusting and billet adjusting to make the point that things should be at my convenience and that he can be patiently present.

Then went on to some lateral work and then some transitions work, which went well.  Ended with a few jumps just for fun!