Therapy Ride

Elliot injured his right hind stifle the second weekend in May. He went to ISU for an exam and got treatment and was put on stall rest. He went back in for a checkup and was much improved. Dr. Caston made him a therapy plan which we have been following.

It is now week 3 of the regimin and today we went out with Lizzie Huntley and Eddie. We did 30 minutes, including 6 minutes of trot. He feels strong and happy and wanted to trot more. By the end of the week we are supposed to be up to 8 minutes and he’s all for it.

Guest Writer Liz Huntley on Elliot

Today Camie on Jones and me on Elliot went for a therapeutic ride on the road and through the fields since Elliot is recovering from a stifle injury. I worked on getting Elliot to move forward and come over his top-line, so that he can start to build up the correct muscling. It took a little while but with Camie’s great instruction and a patient, willing, Elliot I got the hang of it by the end. We also took a lovely trot through the fields and up and down the hills, and picked a few mulberries along the way. Unfortunately Jones threw a shoe somewhere in the field, so Elliot and I finished up the trot work by ourselves and then accompanied Jones back to the barn. Overall a good ride and a great experience on a different horse.

– Lizzie