Guest Writer Liz Huntley

Today Camie rode Jones and I rode Elliot on a hack up the road and through the fields. Jones looked quite pleased and was marching forward at the walk. Once in the fields he quite happily picked up a trot through the tall grass and over the hills. When we came out of the fields and on the gravel and picked up a trot Jones was lame. Upon further investigation he had thrown a shoe on his right foreleg, and the shoe was probably lost somewhere in the tall grass. On the walk home he did seem better on the softer footing. We are hoping the farrier can come out soon and nail a new shoe on.

– Lizzie

Saturday Schooling at Heritage Park

Jones was excellent schooling at Heritage Park today. He jumped everything really quite well and did very well with standing still while I coached the other riders and then jumping when asked. More pictures will be forthcoming, I’m thinking.

First jump of the day

After the schooling, we hosed him off, hand grazed for a while and took him to stabling, well in advance of the front and storms that came through around 3.

BN test B

While grooming tonight, I trimmed his bridle path and looked around for what else needs to be done before the show. Mane and tail look acceptable, and I’ll get to the leg trimming this week. After I tacked up, we warmed up and then worked on BN test B, which is the test this weekend. He did very well, though there is a lot of room for improvement in the canter transitions. I will continue to play with that this week.

In light of the fact that it is supposed to be 90 degrees tomorrow and the flies will be out, I treated all the horses, including Jonesy with Equi-spot