Lateral work and downward transitions

I brought her in and groomed her.  She is really shedding!  Also, she might be actually gaining weight, which was not in the plan.  Oh my.  I’m going to tail back on her grain a little and we’ll keep monitoring her.

We started out doing some suppleness work, then on to leg yield and then on to canter work with transitions to trot from canter and halt from canter.  She gets better and better.

These cool night and mild days I have been taking her blanket off during the day and back on again at night.  Tomorrow is rumored to be a windy day, so she might have it on all day.  We shall see.

Evening hack

Thanks to the wonder of iPhone, this picture makes it look brighter than it actually was…

The sun is sinking pretty early this time of year and by the time I got in the tack with Leo, it was a bit beyond sundown.  Regardless of the dark it was a lovely evening as November goes, so I proceeded for a walk hack down the road toward the river.  It was very peaceful.  He’s a little tender on the gravel so we stayed on the edges.

Then we went for a hack around the prairie in all gaits, followed by taking his bridle off and letting him graze some of the grass in the meadow.

Stretching in canter

Back from our trip and back in the tack with Lexie.  We did a long warm up in walk and trot, working carefully and methodically on increasing her lateral range of motion and increasing her relaxation.  She made some good progress in walk and trot.  We did some canter work, just to get a start on stretching in canter and she was able to reduce a few strides of good stretch.  Interestingly, in canter to left, when she was stretching, she tired a little more easily and broke to trot.  This happens sometimes when horses are using new muscles, so I allowed her rest and then repeated after some walk work.

Cornfield hack

For a change of pace, I took her out for a hack in the harvested corn.  She was happy to go on the way out, a little bit strong in trot and canter and jigging a bit on the way home.  I required her to be rideable, but didn’t make a big deal of it as it may have been her first time out on a big hack in a while.  We’ll do more and I suspect she’ll relax a bit soon enough.

Hack to the cemetery

Went out on a hack to the Delander cemetery.  Long walk at first, in which he was a bit tight and looky, then on to trot where he loosened up appreciably and he had some lovely canter work.

We walked the last bit home and then I untacked and hand grazed him for 15 minutes, which he loved.